Flogas has been providing alternative energy solutions for over thirty years to both domestic and commercial customers.

Flogas began in 1984 with the acquisition of Portagas. The business grew with the acquisition of Alta Gas in 2001, British Gas LPG in 2002 and BP LPG in 2013.

Flogas presence in Europe has also grown extensively and the Flogas Group now includes; Flogas Ireland, Flogas NI, Flogas Sweden, Flogas Norway, Benegas (Belgium and Netherlands), and of course, Flogas Britain.

From humble beginnings, Flogas is now backed by DCC Plc, a large Irish company with an annual turnover of £11 billion. However, Flogas want to remain a small company at heart, staying connected to each customer’s individual needs.

Flogas Values


Flogas promise to be great listeners and flexible enough to do what’s necessary to make their customers happy.

Flogas promise they will admit it when they’ve got it wrong and show customers a willing to make things right.

Flogas will personally take responsibility for any issues that are communicated by the customer and ensure they are addressed.

Flogas will always be aware of how much our customers mean to the business and treat them as such.

Trust between a customer and their energy supplier is vital, so Flogas promise to act in such a way as to engender that trust.

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