In 1996, Ecotricity became the world’s first Green Electricity company and helped kick-started the now global Green Electricity movement. Ecotricity’s mission was (and remains) to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.

Ecotricity provides green gas and electricity for homes and businesses throughout the UK. Ecotricity believes that switching to green energy is the biggest single thing your business can do to fight climate change. Ecotricity have a number of options depending on the size of your business. You can choose from one simple 100% green tariff for small and medium-sized businesses or bespoke pricing for large businesses.

Most of Ecotricity's green electricity comes from their own windmills. It's a growing component – this year around 30% – as Ecotricity keep building more sources of green electricity. The rest is topped up with somebody else’s green energy making it a 100% green tariff.

Three reasons to choose green energy from Ecotricity

  • Better for the environment, better for your business.
  • Ethical partnership opportunities.
  • Doing the right thing for the environment. 

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