Dual Energy

Dual Energy

Dual Energy goal is to become established as an honest low-cost SME substitute to the 'Big 6'. Rapid sales growth and continued success have meant Dual Energy is making waves in the energy market and on the path to achieving that goal.

Dual Energy works hard to secure competitive supply rates for their customers. They review the market and price match guarantee, their service contracts are designed to ensure customers remain on the best prices available and continue to make significant savings on their business electricity bills.

Dual Energy is an independent electricity supplier incorporating smart meter technology as part of their supply offering.  By offering Free Smart Metering their aim is to help every business in the UK have a Smart Metered installed by 2020.

Dual Energy is actively working towards the Smart Meter Initiative (SMI) driven by the UK Government.  The aim of their business model is to increase accurate meter reading and help customers take positive steps to reduce consumption through consumer awareness.

Dual Energy aims to be smarter in all aspects of their operations, especially service delivery. Their customer service staff are based in the UK and have extensive customer service training.

Dual Energy is investing in systems and applications to make their operations smarter and more efficient, and enable them to provide a faster turnaround on billing enquiries and improve the overall business energy customer experience.

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